Tuesday, September 20, 2016


free to listen
or to speak
free to breathe in
courage and change
free to breathe in
how it is
patiently sitting,
like a candlelight,
forever present
shifting in the moment
to breathe out
shakey limbs
and infiltrated fear
free to be bold
and unapologetic,
to own the frame
surrounding me

free to be.

Friday, September 9, 2016

people change

the intensity of change
lies within the
boldness of our mistakes
like cracks in the pavement
you can't erase
cracks in the grey
gradually shifting shades
as i walk this road to change
every step
a conscience choice i make
but if happiness is a choice
from which courage has a voice
why do we shine the
light of change on age
for its heart lies
in the ripples of the ocean
gently twirling with the
morning rising sun,
slow dancing in the
arms of the moon
crescent shaped or not
for i have learned
that all my curves are loved
for i am
as open as my reflection
as bold as the moon
and if you told me that these
would be my words in 2016
I would have laughed
ever so timidly
and called you a fool

i have changed.
and you can too.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


rapid rhythm
shifting places
changing faces
subway rides

giant stage
words in a cage
reciting lines
changing paces
it's all right

open to closed
yellow to stone
peaceful to restless
river to ice
a blooming sunrise
petals of grace
every day
on our way

a road to change