Saturday, August 27, 2016

we are infinite

i used to always write
about the stars
as if a part of me knew
that's where i'd find myself
with you
that night in the dark
and when distance creeps in
alongside limitation
i flip through old pages
and with a glow
am reminded
that together
we are infinite

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tangled up in blue

if i could not see
i'd use my hands to feel
the peaks and valleys
of your face and body

if i could not feel
neither love nor blues
i'd listen to the sound of your lips
sinking against my skin
and to our melody of
blossoming azure crocuses too

if i could not hear
i'd watch your lips,
like clouds, gently
sifting through the air
as i wish to gently sift through
when i'm tangled up in blue

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

fair and unfair

beauty is fair, justice is fair
yet one is oval shaped and one is square
so fair an unfair circular world
where from the land we claim to share
seeds of greed sprout their leaves

beauty is fair, justice is fair
yet one is clothespinned,
the other drifting through the air
blind and bare
one is scarce, the other found everywhere
so even an uneven disappearing land
shrinking as rapidly as our courage
to mold the surplus
to the deficit
and shape a fairer fairer world of this.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


the calm waits
at the depths of summer
the air, the wind, the water
one afternoon
soaking into another
as seashells absorb
eternity in an hour

if words could hold the world
they would bend and
bridge the horizons of this earth
from sand to wind,
fearful to fearlessness

watch as the spaces between
the words and seashells widen
as will the horizon
quietly.    respectfully.

for the depths of the earth
awaits the calm
all year long

Friday, August 12, 2016


the way a thread
twirls a spool

as are the number of stars
in the night sky

as is the moon
that observes the spool
dancing through the night

as are the colors
of the next sunrise

as darkness
fading into light

lose you

this loss
shouldn't feel
like loss
admit your love
is true and on the loose
for you've got
nothing to lose
but a thread of breath as
bold as the moon
yes i'll hold
a thread of your breath
like the sky
holds the moon

Friday, August 5, 2016

where my trust belongs

my trust does not belong
in a full moon every night or
in thrown away towels
along rocky trails leading uphill.
to the voices telling me to be small;
beyond sensitivity into the territory of fragility,
here, my trust does not belong.
For I am made of more than porcelain.

I am made of stardust, faith, and love for
my trust belongs
in the brightness of the stars
as much as it belongs in the silence and the dark.
It lies in the untouched corners of the universe,
in the strength of faith and love and
between the fearless breaths of a girl on a run.
My trust belongs in the strength of my arms
to propel my legs through the last straightaway.

We are made to be
fearless, bold and strong.
These are the places
our trust belongs.

clouds below me

cotton wings that
sift and blend
dancing lead
twirling off the edge
twirl and sift
sift and blend
I lay and face a cloudless blue
empty like a frame
a valley swirls with stolen shapes
light as cotton wings


watching corn stalks dance at noon
twirling like the clouds
how lightening silk strikes their gaze, 
shadows interlaced

fears that roam the pastel sky
swifter than the breeze
gently leaping boundlessly
bolder than the night

from this cliff the sun will rise
higher than the sea
so hold my hand, trust in touch
shadows float with ease

twirl and sift
twirl and sift

loving indefinitely.