Wednesday, August 26, 2015

if the water rises

if the water rises
to blur this morning light from day
close your eyes and wipe 'em dry
tears they will subside

if the water rises
to drown horizons golden glare
watch the ripples as they go
glistening through air

if the water rises
to wipe away your footprints past
know the mountains will erode
as the waves do crash

if the water rises
but you have made your faith a boat
up to heaven you will float
when the water rose

Monday, August 24, 2015


traveling towering time
triples terrors pulse tonight
toiled tiled tongues 

riddled ruthless red rages
ripping raptures ribs at rest
rising racing rush

triples terrors pulse tonight
rising racing rush

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

anything but real

she once told me about how
you can't make a body of a limb
or carve a valley of faded debris,
you can't offer change a rhythmic heartbeat
with a love you have yet to recieve
for all that you are and
all that you wish to be.
and i watched her look at me
and let it be.
two, three...
her elbow sinking deep
into my chest cavity
feeding uncomfortabilty
as i voiced what i once let be,

"i don't ever want to be anything but real."

Saturday, August 15, 2015

scripted ink

i do not want to be someone who writes in pencil, 
someone who walks with their eyes glued to the street 
and tops of strangers feet, i do not want to be someone 
who drifts through the brightest constellations without ever 
greeting a single star. i do not want to be 
someone who forgets to breathe in 
the rythmic presence of a strangers heartbeat.

i want to be someone who speaks in scripted ink 
hollow yet concrete so that the oceans, rivers and valleys echo
 with a voice soaked in sunrise observances; 
the gentle breeze from strangers' eyelashes, cloudy rings around irises.
i want to be someone who when their hands become obsolete, 
rays of stardust from their fingers creases they'll leave.