Saturday, July 25, 2015

all that you are

you are not the seconds, minutes, hours in my head
where you lingered for mornings, evenings, days, months
or whatever to me love hadn't been to you
the love locket ripped from my neck you are not

you are not a skeletal outline
traced over and over in your scrapbook
becoming smaller and smaller every night
you are not an outline of our sky
or whatever to me love hadn't been to you
a single shade of blue you are not

you are not weightless.
on the forest floor your footsteps carry heavily
all that you are.

you are gently carved out pieces from the morning rising sun
you are what makes the trees grow and
whatever to me love is to you could or should be in the growing of the trees
and what makes the wind echo through hollow spaces between each leaf
you are your favorite melodies

you are the many texture of roots, bark,
and all your favorite leaves
sugar maple, birch, oak
growing indefinitely
for you are a tree
growing not even or straight
just however makes trees happy

you are all the pages of your scrapbook left untouched
you are the corners of the sky
you will one day touch

all that you are

1 comment:

  1. All that I am is you :) a beautiful dedication of love.