Sunday, June 21, 2015

you will miss people

you will miss people.
you will miss the sound of fusion
between their laughter and yours as
the sound breaks louder than
crashing shells beneath the sea shore and
you will go back to the sea shore
solely in search of this heart warming sound but
all you will find is a cold, solitary shell
turning over and over unto itself and
to rid yourself of such turmoil you will
touch the water to try and remind
yourself of what laughing once felt like.
unfamiliar. cold. numb. you
will ask yourself why you
are incapable of touching
what you once so tangibly felt. you
will ask yourself why. you
will ask yourself why you’re
afraid of your own presence,
lurking on the waters surface you
have become a stranger. you
will tremble in fear as a blur of
circular riptides encompass you
and drift faster and further away from your
ghostly figure. tears will
creep down your
cheeks and fill the silence
beneath the surface of
the sea which will cause the
entire world to erupt with noise and
expand its vast territory. you
will feel infinitesimal. and when you
ask yourself
why it all feels like your fault you
will be sitting on the edge of a
river and you
will not be able to answer for
you are a stranger lost in
a foreign land trembling
on the corner of a
wave you will sit and think how
frightening it is that
we only get a limited amount of
time with people before they’re
gone forever. you
will close your eyes but
still feel the circular riptides
drifting faster and further and
darker and faster and faster and
faster. you
will miss people and
not even realize you’re missing them.
that too is frightening.
write poems, share stories,
bind albums, immerse yourself
in shinning stars, and
find solace in nobody else but
yourself. you
will miss people. and
will be okay.

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