Thursday, February 19, 2015

(I) Tell Me

I'm not interested in what you do for a living
I want to know what makes you strive
What is it that motivates you to be alive
And do more than just merely survive
What is it that makes you thrive

So first 
Tell Me what makes you human
Tell Me about the ways in which you breathe
And what goes on in your mind in-between each beat
Tell Me what goes on in your veins and pulmonary arteries
Tell Me about the times your heart has stopped and trembled and rushed

Tell Me about love

I’m not interested in the number of breakups 
Don’t tell me the number of dates you’ve been on
Who you’d hit up with or “tap dat ass with”
Don’t list subsequent future ideologies 
Instead tell Me about the times you’ve knelt down to lend a human hand 
To an infant, to the poor, to an elderly, 
I want to know about the ordinary
Not some sort of Disney love story

I do, however, want to know about your dreams and fantasies
Don’t tell me about adversity’s holding you back
Instead I want to know how you keep yourself on track
The ways in which you perceive reality
How willing are you to achieve?

I want to know what makes your heart ache
But don't tell me about how it was all the other persons mistake
And certainly don’t tell me the number of times you’ve dwelled in this kind of pain
Or the number of burns you’ve tried to degrade
Instead I want to know about your faith
How you’ve stood in front of a burning fire
Unsure if you were going to survive 
Don’t tell me about the blinding brightness
Instead I want you to tell me about the reticent feeling of forgiveness
Even if it's the other persons burning mistake
Tell Me about this humble, content feeling within

Tell Me about your own company
How it feels just to be—

Tell Me about all the times you've been brave enough to be alone 
But not lonely
Tell Me about how you love yourself so much
That you enjoy your own company
Tell Me about the last time you’ve made yourself laugh
The last time you've made yourself cry
The last time you've made yourself happy
Tell Me about the first time you’ve stood naked infront of your mirror
And said “i love you”

Tell Me about peace
Don’t tell me about how you wish war didn’t exist
Don’t tell me you hope the world will one day be at peace
I want to know about your inner peace
I want you to tell me about your insecurities
Those demons inside you that act as misanthropies 

I want you to tell me how hard you've fought

I want you to believe

In ordinary love 
That should not feel less than

I want you to believe

In people

In less human, more being

I want you to trust that the only reason we're surviving

Is because the spark of fire within us
is burning brighter than the fire around us


  1. This was so deep, inspirational and encouraging! Love you so much Sophie!! :)

    1. Thank you so much ClassyMalick!! Made my day.

  2. Oh, this is just wonderful...
    Yes, so very inspiring!!!

  3. This is superb! It reads like a dream, the flow is perfect, and the message so true...

  4. Wow this was so relatable and very inspiring! Keep up the great work im glad i clicked on the link!

    1. So glad you find it it inspiring thank you!!!

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  6. Sophie this poem is absolutely beautiful!! (I was so moved, tears came to my eyes!)
    Emilie P.

  7. Wonderful sophie!!

    This message is inspiring
    And truly interesting
    Dear cousin please stop laughing
    While for you i am trying
    To write an english poem
    Tell me if there's a problem!

    (T'as vu mon anglais?! xp)
    Max dedv

    1. HEY cousin!!

      I love the message
      So glad you liked it
      If not too solemn
      There is not problem
      I love your beautiful poem!!

      (mais ton anglais est parfait! :))

    2. Haha thank you but yours is surprisingly better! ;D poetry is often solemn but that's normal! Why did you suddenly decide to write poetry? :)